Who Is God? Is he real, Made Up, or What?

Have you ever seen God? Most of us would answer No. But did you know that according to the King James Version of the bible, He (God) (Gen. ch. 1, vs. 26 & 27) created man in his own image and his own likeness. So every time you look in the mirror you see an image of God or do you?

If we were to meet him today we would probably call him an alien because he is completely different from us. But his likeness would be similar to what we look like. With one big difference…His Glory is brighter than a million suns and would kill us.

God in my opinion lives in a different timeline, a different realm or outside anything we might be able to comprehend. Because in his realm there is no time, no past, no future, or anything that we understand.

The Edge of Our Solar System in 90 Days



Some History

Solar System in Perspective to Voyager 1

It took Voyager One (1)….35 years to travel to the edge of our solar system. That is 125 AU or 11,625,000,000 miles (11.6 trillion miles) traveling at about 37,500 mph.

We need to figure out how to increase that speed.

Our solar system in perspective

Our solar system in perspective

Notes: The speed of light travels at 670,616,629 mph or 299,792,458 meters per second, Astronomical Units (AU) per day 173, or 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second)

To travel to the edge of our solar system and back in a decent amount of time will require speeds in excess of 250,000 mph. At this speed it will still take us 5.125 years one way or 10.25 years to make a round trip. That is still not good enough.

At a 1 million mph it would still exceed a year long journey to get there and 2.6 years round trip.

I estimated that at 5 million mph it will take 3.23 months to reach the edge and 6.46 months for the round trip. This is still too long for humans to travel such a distance. Because we have yet to figure out how to survive in space more than six months without gravity to maintain our bodies. Without gravity we lose bone mass and we have other health related issues.

The Ideal Speed

The ideal speed is around 10 million mph. This speed would allow us to get there and back in a little over 3 months.

  • What problems will we incur on such a journey?
  • How do we propel our craft at that speed?
  • How do we slow down to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere?
  • What about water, air, food and the other comforts we are accustomed to?

But this speed is nowhere near the best IDEAL SPEED of one tenth the speed of light. One tenth the speed of light is 67.06 million mph. At 1/10th the speed of light we would be able to travel around our Solar System with ease and make tourism extremely attractive.

Engine, Mechanism for Propulsion

Our current technology doesn’t give us any engine or mechanism that will propel us anywhere near 5 or 10 million mph. Even at half of that at 2.5 Million mph, we could do the slingshot method around Mars, Saturn and Jupiter to maybe increase our speed. But is that enough? It would have to double or triple our speed to reach 10 million mph.

After I finish a half dozen or so patents I will write more on these subjects.

Planetary Magnetic Poles 

This is a, what if scenario. What if we could find the frequency of the North or South Pole of Saturn or Jupiter and tune our electromagnet in our space craft to the exact same frequency of one of those poles and use its magnetic influence to attract us to the planet. What speed could we attain? This is the same principal as the experiments I used to do with magnets as a young child. (Still young at heart). Opposites attract so we use the magnetic poles of each of the planets and moons to reach extremely high speeds. As you get close to each of your targets you switch to the next and zip passed each planet or moon along your path. Without doing the math I am guessing that we could reach our goal of 10 million mph and might even be able to reach or at least get near light speed.

So here it is using the right frequency of each large body you tune in to one of the poles to attract your craft towards it. As you draw near it you turn it off to coast past your target. Once you are on top of it and are traveling in the direction you wish then you turn on the aft electromagnetic engine to repel your craft on to the next target. While the aft is repelling the front is attracting you towards your next target.

The Trip

If we could travel at 10 million mph we could scoot around our solar system in a matter of months making tourism the ultimate vacation of all times.

The things we could do if we were able to travel at 10 million mph or better yet if we could travel at 1/10th the speed of light. It would make exploration of our solar system accessible and fun. Well I don’t know about fun per se, but at least exciting. Setting up outposts would be easily done and accessible to everyone.

I am not going to dwell to much on all the possibilities this could bring to humanity. One thing is for sure it would give us a better chance of survival for the human species, in the event of a catastrophic event on Earth.

The trip itself would be one for the record books and would be so much fun as well as dangerous. Which is right up my alley, I love danger, fun, excitement, and fear especially knowing I can overcome it. I fear nothing but fear itself.

The first trip would probably be a quick round trip to gather information and make sure things are all operational. But still it would be very exciting to be able to travel at those speeds and see all the things in person that we have only been able to see through telescopes. Imagine seeing the rings of Saturn up close or the moons of Jupiter and the two planets themselves as you go zipping by. As you look out your window you wonder if you are really traveling at 10 million mph. Because what you see is things moving very sloooooowly until an asteroid or other object zips by. Then you might get a glimpse of how fast you are traveling.

That brings us to one of the dangers of traveling at these speeds. How do we avoid hitting or getting hit by an unforeseen object? That is a good question and I am not going to tell you yet. What I want for you to do is use your imagination and what we know already to discover the solution. I know already but I can’t reveal the solution until I have patented the ideas. I am not even going to write a paper on the subject until I know for sure my ideas are correct.

How do we stop or slow down to reenter Earth’s atmosphere?

The same principal as I described above. We use the magnetic poles to slow us to a reasonable reentry speed. But it will require some precise calculations and high speed computers to process the data required. At 10 million mph you will travel from Mars to Earth in 14 hours. ***On average, the distance to Mars from Earth is 140 million miles (225 million km).

Which means that if your Magnetic Polarity Engines would have to be reversed or the space craft would have to be turned around so that the aft engine is repelling the Martian poles as it passes and the forward engine would be pulling the craft back towards Mars after it passes. Think of this action and the craft as a Flying Trapeze Act at the Circus. Swinging from one to the other. At some point your engines will lose their magnetic effects as the magnetic fields weaken by distance. If my calculations are correct though when one weakens another is within distance to use for the next boost. Once your speed has been reached it is possible to coast to your destination, providing it isn’t too far away from any magnetic poles.

Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on how to attain speeds in excess of 10 million mph or 1/10th the speed of light at 67.06 million mph.

Welcome to Genius, Billionaire i.e. Trillionaire

Welcome to Genius, Billionaire (Trillionaire), Playboy, Philanthropist, Inventor or (GTPPI) for short! This is my very first post. I created this blog to post my thoughts on various subjects, recent news and my take on it. I could have called my blog Babble-On; just words that occupy my thoughts on a daily basis. I hope to tell my readers some interesting stories and worthy quotes from me and of course famous people some you may not have heard of before.

Why I started this blog and what I plan to do with it.

As I get older (more mature) I find myself questioning why did I do that or what is the meaning behind that phrase etc, etc,

Here is something for everyone to ponder. What is genius? How and why does society decide who or what makes a person a genius? An African tribe in the jungles of Africa or an Indian tribe in the Amazon jungle may determine a persons genius by how well a person hunts, or builds a hut, etc. If we take one of these people with high intelligence from one of these tribes and compare them with a person of high intelligence from another society they may seem to be an idiot or would be considered of low intelligence.

I will write more later about this subject.

On paper I am a Trillionaire in life I am just an ordinary person trying to make it from day to day. What makes me a Trillionaire is that I own several trillion shares in a couple of tech companies that are still in the startup phase and are worth about $1.785 million dollars. Once they go public and the shares hit $1.00 USD then technically I am a trillionaire. La, te da, whoopee, yippee skippee. and all of that.

Why so many shares?

To finance my dream to be the first human to leave the solar system and return. At least to be the first to leave our good old solar system I will be a human guinea pig sort of speaking. Because we don’t know what lies beyond, I want to find out and I want to experience it first hand.